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What does it mean to be a hero? A magical sword? A prophecy? What does it mean to be a leader? A royal title? A kingdom to lead? Misty is a Princess, but does that make her a damsel or a leader? Misty has a Prince, but does that make him the hero? Misty, Princess of Beldora, is faced with a conundrum. Engaged to the buffoonish - if well meaning - prince Pete, Misty finds herself sufforcated by the expectations of royalty life. Soon Misty notices a spy from the neighboring kingdom of Grimoire.

Quickly a plot is revealed to steal the one sword that has the power to kill Lord Badlug, current ruler of Grimoire who seeks to expand his empire by invading neighboring countries. However, because of some magical red tape, Badlug can only invade another country once he becomes a member of the royal family. Misty makes the rash decision to attempt to end Lord Badlug, but ends up losing the sword to his witch, and getting kidnapped.

Pete, in all his well-meaning goodness, sets out to rescue her. Thrown in turmoil over the kidnapping of his daughter, Misty's father vows to bring war to the land of Grimoire in an effort to save her before her wedding to Lord Badlug. While Misty attempts to not only rescue herself, but the country of Grimoire itself from Lord Badlug.

Only then does she discover simply disposing of Badlug won't lead to an immediate happy ending. Having gotten to know the citizens of Grimoire, Misty learns more about the political upheaval she's about to cause whether she marries Lord Badlug, or overthrows him. With the help of her new-found allies, Gorga, Fogmoth, Robin and surprisingly Pete, Misty recaptures her sword, and also learns there's more to being a leader and a hero than prophecies, and royal titles.

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